Arcade Cabinet for iPad Called iCade Shown at CES

Arcade machineSeems like we can’t get enough surprises at CES 2011. WalYou and Kotaku reported that ThinkGeek is actually demonstrating and selling its crazy-looking but innovative arcade-cabinet dock called iCade for the iPad. They even partnered up with some big names like Atari to include official game support for it and will allow other developers to make compatible games.

The company is known for spoofs that sometimes materialized as actual items for sale but other times remain on just consumer wishlists. The iCade, on the other hand, has generated enough of a buzz to turn this into reality.

The cabinet was planned to coincide with a Mame emulator app featuring many classic games. They planned on releasing the app free of charge at least initially for cabinet owners. Although, now with companies like Atari and IonAudioonboard, who knows what exact games will be released outside the already confirmed Asteroids. iCade, is listed on ThinkGeek’s website for $99 and is currently out of stock. It seems a bit expensive for a classical gaming dock but it might be worth it for gamers, especially if future support occurs by various developers.

What makes ThinkGeek’s idea standout is it will allow you to game with buttons and a joystick not touching or directly on top of the touchpad. The button layout is also perfect with just enough triggers for modern fighting games like the Street Fighter series.

Arcade dock