New iPad Digital-Novel App Launches Today Containing Sensory Perception

Digital-Novel App

Creator of the hit television series CSI, Anthony Zuiker, is launching a new iPad app that mixes novel storytelling with sensory perception and interaction.

Level 26: Dark Prophecy incorporates a 400-page e-book and an hour-long film — both directed and written by Zuiker but designed by Hooray Society— that centers around a character named Steve Dark.

According to the e-mailed information I received from Kourtney Schepman, the iPad app “lets readers literally use their senses as they read. You’ll see blood splattering, glass shattering and even get to dig deeper into each character’s background.”

The dark prophecy contains movie segments that bridge the reading portion of the e-book into video storytelling and visual narration.

“Readers also interact with the book as they partner with Steve Dark to collect character bios and uncover evidence unlocked as they read to catch the villain,” according to Schepman.

According to the app description, you can actually choose your own way to experience Dark Prophecy. The version featured and mentioned by Schepman is called “Ultimate Digi-Novel” but there is also an option to experience the e-book in “Traditional” or text-only form as well as a less-immersive or interactive digital version called “Digi-Novel.”

I would add that the draw or recommendation, however, is to experience such a creative and new form of storytelling in its full glory with interactive puzzle solving and video content added to the “Ultimate Digi-Novel.” It is available on the App Store for $12.99 and here is a video showcasing some of the app’s features.