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By on May 28, 2010 at 11:55 am

WIRED Magazine first introduced us to a video showcasing what their magazine was going to look like on the iPad back in March. After watching the short promo, I just knew digital media had finally returned and this time was here to stay. So when the first issue of WIRED Magazine was released, I just had to see for myself whether it was all hype or something that would revolutionize the way we get our content from now on.

WIRED (iPad Edition), published by Conde Nast Digital, is a great magazine that covers how technology affects our culture, the economy and politics. With this in mind, you just knew the first digital print issue of WIRED was destined to be viewed on a revolutionary product such as the iPad. I do have to say, I was a bit hesitant at first in reviewing this app/magazine because of its $5 per issue price tag, but because it was the first and out of sheer curiosity, I just had to click on that ‘Buy App’ button.

The app will fill up 527 mb of your iPad storage space and takes approximately 10 minutes to download. Once launched, you are immediately greeted by a splash page followed up by the cover. On the cover itself, you are given the choice to play a short clip from Toy Story 3, which is directly related to the cover story or you may select from any of the inside stories appearing on the right.

WIRED magazine can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode. There are several ways to get around the magazine. You can choose to scroll your way through the pages from the bottom of the screen, use the list view, where all the content are listed on the left side of the screen or using the thumbnail view, where you can easily choose from small thumbnails of the magazine itself.

The main attraction of the magazine is its interactive state. Besides filling the iPad’s screen with high resolution photographs, some stories and ads allow you to interact with it by providing you something like the Mars invasion story where the main photograph can be spun around 360 degrees while pop-ups appear providing short synopsis of each Mars landing. Other stories, like the cover are accompanied by embedded videos. There is so much interaction integrated with the magazine that you may just forget to read the stories themselves.

Here are a few issues I found within the app. First was the price. I’m sure I won’t be the only one complaining about the ridiculously high price per issue when you can easily buy a year’s worth of the printed copy for only $10. Also the file size is cause for concern. Not only is the app 527 mb too big, but it takes a long time to download and if you only paid for the 250 mb data plan for your 3G iPad, you’re just sheer out of luck.

WIRED Magazine ($4.99 per issue) always provides great stories and highly entertaining to read while on the go. It’s very much like the print version but lots more fun. However, the app with its high price, file size and the overwhelming amount of ads that practically make up half of the magazine’s content, I cannot recommend the magazine at this time.

Check out the WIRED Magazine on the video below.

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  • John

    Wired is a great mag, however, the iPad version is priced too high, as are all other magazines that I have seen, and as the reviewer states, there are simply too many ads. I will not purchase another issue until the price drops close to the print subscription price. This goes for all other mags as well. I really want the concept to succeed, but not at this cost.

  • Norm

    I was all psyched to finaly get my iPad for my overseas trip and download Wired issues instead of lugging them with me. But $5/ issue? Are they crazy? No way. Subcribers should have free access or an option for a hard copy or a electronic copy. I’m sure not paying twice or 6x the subscription price.

  • Citizen Sane

    I downloaded it and removed it as soon as I realized that it would be $4.99 per issue. That is the same as the printed volumes. The whole point of charging for printed media was to cover the publisher's printing costs overhead and while making bank on advertising revenue.

    Here they are gouging both the advertisers AND the readers and it RIDICULOUS! Anybody that pays for a virtualmagazine issue the as print is crazy! It costs Wired (and Time and USA Today) nothing to deliver this to you digitally, yet they expect expect us to pay full price.

    These publishers must be greedily salivating all over themselves at the possibility of this and we can do ourselves a big favor by NOT BUYING IT until they reduce to price per issue to the bare minimum.

  • Rob

    has anyone noticed its much shorter than the print mag. short junkfood style articles