LapWorks iPad Recliner Review, Provides Multiple Viewing Angles

LapWorks iPad Recliner

If you’re in the market for an iPad stand, you may want to check out LapWorks’ iPad Recliner. A truly hands-free stand, it provides the widest range of positions to view the ‘magical’ iPad, in both landscape and portrait modes. Let’s check it out.


LapWorks’ iPad Recliner is made of hard plastic that features a wide non-slip rubber base shelf for the device to rest on and prevents it from moving. The same rubber material can also be found at the top of the stand to securely lean the device against. According to LapWorks, ‘the unit has a base larger than most iPad stands.’ So if you choose to, you can easily leave the iPad in a case. There’s no need to remove it.

The stand came in two pieces, the main stand and the recliner adjustment piece which attaches to the back of the stand by a screw-on type knob. This knob is used to easily adjust the height of the stand with just a quick turn.

Depending on what your intended purpose for the stand is, you can easily unscrew the adjustment knob behind the stand, positioning it to its full upright position (8 ¼” above the surface of the desk) or to its lowest reclined angle (4 ¼” above the surface of the desk) and anywhere in between.

This stand is perfect for viewing the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode with free access to all ports. It also provides a cutout in the back piece of the stand to neatly tuck away your charging cord.

The iPad Recliner is a sturdy piece of hardware that can be used anywhere at home or at work. It is a perfect stand to use in the kitchen; while looking at recipes from your iPad, watching movies, for use as a digital photo stand or for reading RSS feeds at work. It’s great to use for just about anything!


For $34.95, LapWorks’ iPad Recliner is easily recommended to iPad owners looking for a fully adjustable stand. It’s stable, sturdy and well designed. Available in a two-tone color of silver and black, it also comes with a 6 month warranty against defects. The iPad Recliner can be purchased by going to LapWorks’ website.