Back in Time Review for iPad

Back in TimeYou are invited to wind back the clock and leap Back in Time with Landka. Stepping back by just 24 hours translates to the time of the Big Bang, when the universe sprang into being. Trace the slow but progressive steps that led to the formation of stars and galaxies, the various stages of Earth’s development, and the evolution of life, from multicellular organisms to mammals and the arrival of Homo sapiens.


Back in Time is an animated book for the iPad, which will take you on a stunning exploration of the history of our universe and Earth. Landka offers you a 24-hour virtual clock as a time machine. Spinning the hands backward will race you into the past, skipping millions and billions of years with each minute. What milestones led to the existence of this world we now live in and our very being? Back in Time describes and explains these events.

Tranquil music accompanies this scientific and historical tale, which is illustrated with several dozen animations, silent but mesmerizing videos, and over 300 images. Even non-English readers can enjoy this educational material in four other languages: Spanish, Portugese, French, and German.

Back in Time is utterly gorgeous in its presentation. While the book is written for laypeople, it isn’t too dumbed down either. Anyone wishing to enrich their minds, whether students or working adults, will likely find this informative and entertaining. The app is so easy to navigate that it is a delight to explore. Landka could scarcely have done a better job in putting everything together.


Back in Time is most highly recommended to those keen on expanding their knowledge of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth. This book app for the iPad is currently available in the App Store for $7.99.