Google Maps for iPad Even Better With New EggMaps HD Release

By on Apr 7, 2013 at 5:19 am

Perth, Australia – Indie Developer, Mike Cunneen today is proud to announce the release of EggMaps HD 1.04. EggMaps HD is an iPad-only app that provides an easy interface to Google Maps, at full resolution. Until EggMaps HD, iPad users had resorted to using the website or iPhone versions of Google Maps (the latter at low-resolution, sometimes known as “pixel doubling” or “2x”).

“I’ve listened carefully to the feedback from the tens of thousands who have downloaded EggMaps,” said Mike Cunneen, the developer. “Many customers told me that they wanted the ability to add markers, and that they found it too hard to enter or exit street view. Other changes include improved accuracy of locations for businesses, and terrain view.”

The previous version has been ranked #1 in 22 countries including the UK, Australia and Canada. Mr Cunneen says he hopes that the latest version will add the USA to that list.

Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen at native resolution. Being a native app, EggMaps HD also has the advantage of being much faster and more responsive than a website.

“Google’s maps app for iPhone is great. But they seem to have forgotten about iPad users,” said Mr Cunneen. “I