‘Celebrity Facemash’ Stars The Biggest Names From TV, Film, Sports And Music In Addictive Puzzle Game

By on May 14, 2013 at 2:24 pm

FaceMash - Celebrity EditionIndependent games developer ‘Flaming Mitten Studios’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Celebrity Facemash’, a unique and incredibly addictive puzzle game, in which your objective is to guess the identities of celebrities whose faces are merged (mashed) together!

Just released on the iOS®, Google Play™ and Amazon™ app stores, ‘Celebrity Facemash’ takes 240 familiar faces from all walks of celebrity life – film, television, music and sports – and recklessly mashes them together to create 5 levels containing 120 remarkable celebrity facemashes!

How well do you know your celebrities? Having a feeling of Déjà vu as you think you recognize a familiar face? Think again!

To progress in the game you must identify both celebrities in each facemash, and in the event that you get stuck or suffer a complete memory loss, ‘Celebrity Facemash’ includes an intuitive hint-system with a limited number of hints available, but thankfully an in-app store where additional hints can be purchased!

Notable features include full GameCenter support with achievements, as well as multiple leaderboards!

With its addictive gameplay, sweet graphics, and as many monstrous celebrity mashes as you can mention, ‘Celebrity Facemash’ is guaranteed to become an instant crowd-pleaser.

Celebrity Facemash is available now at the App Store and Google Play for $0.99.


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