FriendPlanner Gives Meetings With Friends A Whole New Dimension

By on May 20, 2013 at 3:42 am

London, United Kingdom – Friendplanner Ltd. is proud to announce today the global availability of FriendPlanner for iPhone. FriendPlanner is the fastest and easiest way to organize one’s social life. Fix up a quick coffee, a huge party or a night out with FriendPlanner right from your iPhone.

With FriendPlanner, setup meetings with friends, schedule events and always manage to take out some time for the people who matter. FriendPlanner is completely integrated with the calendar App so any dates scheduled will be directly entered into its desired slot. The app includes push notification alerts pop up to remind about an upcoming event. FriendPlanner revolutionizes the way people set up and manage meetings with the people who matter.

* No more emailing or texting… simply check your friends’ availability using the built in planner
* Set up a ‘Meet’ for every occasion
* Share venue details, maps, directions and reviews
* Check the status of each ‘Meet’ so you always know who’s attending
* Send messages to friends about a ‘Meet’
* 1-2-1 ‘Meet’ feature allows both friends to edit a ‘Meet’
* Sync ‘Meets’ with friend’s planners