No Ordinary Stick Figure Slashes Way onto Ultimate Stick Fight for iOS

By on May 21, 2013 at 3:10 am

Seoul, Korea – Dragon Nest Studio, creators of Ultimate Stick Fight on iOS, have unleashed a new character, Slash, for its action-filled, beat-’em-up scroller. The playable new hero wields a sword and gun, sports all-new animations, and a slew of original combo moves for long-time players to master.

“As soon as you see Slash outfitted in that purple bandana you know he’s no ordinary stick figure warrior,” says the iOS title’s developer, Ray Chambers. “Slash can shoot a gun, has brand new combos, and offers a wider attack range, while the original hero Ryan still bests him in agility and speed.”

The novel addition of Slash, as well as plenty of enhanced combos and upgrades, breathes new life into what was already a unique title for iOS, blending combo-driven fighting with a beat-’em-up scroller. It is still the only game in the stick-fighting genre that boasts a real physics engine, so that enemies bounce realistically of the walls and objects in the environment can be thrown.

“Players on the App Store are saying Slash’s unique skills, awesome animation, and gameplay makes Ultimate Stick Fight like a brand new game, and we agree,” he adds.

Version 1.2 of Ultimate Stick Fight also brings enhanced support for th