Digital Treasures’ New Props Repel Case for the iPad 2/3/4 is a Top Defender against Water & Moisture

Repel waterproof caseThe Props Repel Case by Digital Treasures is a must-have item for your beach bag and a travel essential for your iPad 2, 3 or 4. We’ve all experienced that terrifying moment when your device comes uncomfortably close to water; but, with Repel, you can rest easy knowing your iPad is well protected from the elements. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the beach, pool, hot tub or whatever water activity suits your lifestyle.

The Repel Case earned its name after passing a series of rigorous tests proving that water cannot penetrate this accessory. It’s IPX8 certified which is a fancy way of saying that it can be submerged in depths of up to 33 feet, and your iPad will come out protected and unscathed. Make no mistake, the tough exterior and extra protection do not interfere with the screen’s functionality or clarity. Read, type, browse the Web, and take pictures anytime or anywhere with complete confidence.

The sleek, elegant case has a triple action protective seal which is the key to keeping your iPad safe. Simply open Repel, and slide the iPad into the plastic protective pocket on the right side. Then press down on the triple seal to ensure your iPad stays in and water stays out. Finally, fold the edge of the case over the triple seal using the included Velcro for the fourth layer of security.

“There is absolutely no way water can break through the protective barriers used in the Repel Case. So, get in the pool or tan on the sand while keeping your iPad close at hand,” says Brian Austin, President of Digital Treasures. “Despite all this extra protection, the Repel still performs as a great case because you can access all of your iPad functionality while your iPad is protected and its foldable design makes your iPad experience comfortable and convenient.”

The Repel Case (10.63” x 9.25”) offers users two positional viewing angles. The front cover folds back into a convenient stand for angles that are ideal for viewing multimedia and typing long messages. The back features a precision cutout so the iPad camera is completely functional. When closed, the Repel Case will automatically turn off your iPad saving the battery.