Codemasters Releases Boom! Tanks Worldwide

By on Sep 13, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Boom! TanksCodemasters today announced that a new world of free-to-play tank on tank action is available for iPad and iPhone as Boom! Tanks launches on the App Store today. Developed and published by Codemasters, Boom! Tanks invites players to command and upgrade some of the world’s most powerful tanks and crush the enemy beneath their tracks in furious quick-fire battles powered by simple and intuitive touch controls.

To mark the launch, Codemasters has released a new video showcasing the game in action. Featuring explosive tank combat, the game’s customization and personalization options, a range of killer war machines and battlefields where the booms keep on coming, the Boom! Tanks gameplay trailer is now playing below.

In Boom! Tanks each player becomes a tank commander who must take the fight to the front line in three extensive campaigns; gamers will blaze through the desert heat of North Africa, power across the rolling green fields of Europe and must keep their cool in the frozen Siberian tundra. To ensure victory in the heat of battle, players can unlock, collect and equip iconic classic and contemporary tanks including the American M1 Abrams, Russian T-8OU, British Challenger and many more.

Players earn in-game cash for destroying high profile targets and can upgrade their tanks with new armor, guns and ammunition and unlock a range of new challenges including Border Skirmishes, Engineering Challenges and Daily Assignments. As gamers collect and stockpile their own collection of tanks, each war machine can be customized with a wide range of classic camouflages or players can let their imaginations run wild with unique and vibrant paint schemes that let the enemy know the player is coming for them.

Players can experience this new world of armored warfare today by downloading Boom! Tanks for free from the App Store.


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