NASCAR: Redline Debuts on iPhone and iPad

By on Oct 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm

NASCAR- RedlineAs the Chase for the Sprint Cup charges into the homestretch, leading independent racing game developer Eutechnyx takes the pole position with the release of NASCAR: Redline, the first officially licensed NASCAR game for iOS devices.

This strategy racing title combines the authentic pace and progression of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with a touch-based interface and decision-sensitive design, delivering a beautifully cinematic experience that offers impactful, tactical choices behind the wheel.

“NASCAR is unique among motorsports and racing games; it’s about more than just the action on the track,” remarked Terry Lee, Producer at Eutechnyx. “It’s about choices – the decisions made behind the wheel and under the hood – fine tuning not just your vehicle, but your strategy for victory, taking control of the race and pushing beyond the stretch of asphalt in front of you. These are elements we’ve focused on which really propel NASCAR: Redline past other racers in the pack.”

Featuring gorgeous visuals and a complete roster of 43 drivers, teams, sponsors, and tracks from the 2013 season, NASCAR: Redline puts the genuine NASCAR Sprint Cup experience directly in players’ hands, anytime, anywhere. Strategic thinking and well-timed reflexes are critical in this sim-meets-action strategy racer. Deciding when to push, when to pit, and how to react to new situations determines who will cross the finish line with the prize in hand.

The game constantly provides players with up-to-the-second information, keeping gameplay fresh, exciting and rewarding with each new development. An extensive upgrade system breaks down essential vehicle and pit team components, allowing for a wide range of career progression paths.

“NASCAR drivers and teams know the value of patience – of choosing the right moment before making their move and which strategies to employ in the heat of the action” noted Blake Davidson, NASCAR Vice President of Licensing & Consumer Products, speaking to the challenges of bringing a name as iconic as NASCAR into a new era. “We’ve been very deliberate in evaluating opportunities in the mobile gaming space in an effort to ensure that when we do come to the table with a NASCAR-branded game for the iOS platforms that it will be highly engaging and a best-in-class experience. I am very confident in saying that Eutechnyx has exceeded our expectations with NASCAR: Redline; and we are confident that NASCAR fans, as well as those less familiar with the sport will agree.”

NASCAR: Redline is available now for $4.99 on iOS 5.1 and above (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and will be coming soon to Android devices.


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