Stand O’ Food Empire Sets Up Shop on iPad Today

By on Oct 17, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Stand O’ Food EmpireG5 Entertainment is proud to announce that Stand O’ Food Empire, the free-to-play time management burger-serving game based on their wildly successful Stand O’ Food franchise, is finally here! The game combines three different types of gameplay: time management, city building and strategy.

Your old friends Ronnie, Nikki and Clarence have traveled from Tinseltown in search of a few perfect spots for new restaurants. But the evil Mr. Torg is keeping watch as usual, hoping to destroy the hard-working team’s plans. In this unique blend of time management, city building and strategy gameplay, grow your business step-by-step, improving your offerings along the way – flip the best burgers and serve your growing clientele. Build four types of cafes serving different burger specialties: beef, fish, salad and chicken. Then oversee upgrades to maximize profits and enhance the customer experience.

Сonstruct homes to grow the neighborhood – and your business! Create farms and factories to supply high-quality products and add thoughtful decorations and amenities, such as flowerbeds, drinking fountains and ice cream trucks. From the mountains to the beach, open new burger joints while unlocking recipes, mastering sauces and setting up supply chains. Knock out hundreds of quests to earn achievements, rewards and a veritable fortune!

The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:

  • 200+ challenging quests to complete
  • 271 unique recipes to master and and serve clients
  • 96 decorations to beautify your popular eateries
  • 63 buildings to enliven and support your city
  • 25 factories and farms to supply your business
  • Riveting storyline and stunning artwork

Stand O’ Food Empire is available for download to iPad today. The game is free with additional bonuses available via in-app purchase from within.


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