Zombie Invasion 2 HD Review for iPad

By on Sep 25, 2010 at 11:07 am

Gearing up for the zombie apocalypse? Well, Zombie Invasion 2 HD could be the app to give you practice slaying the walking dead in this game where you, the human, are stationary as zombies rush to eat you and your only defense is a tap-to-shoot move as you pick them off at a distance. Can you handle the rush while you keep your head on a swivel??


When you begin, you get to choose from 4 different maps to ice zombies at. Upon selecting your location, you are thrown into the middle of a zombie fracas armed with nothing more than a pistol! As time goes on, and you survive waves upon waves of zombie horror, you can save money (acquired by picking it up randomly on the street) to buy more powerful guns and ammo to help you thwart the undead droves.

In regards to in-game controls, your task is simple… tap where you want to shoot. Easy enough!

The graphics didn’t make stand up and cheer, but for the functionality of the game, they are more than serviceable. When you tap in the direction of the zombie you want to kill, you get to see the spray of zombie matter spread all over the street as the bullets fly, and there lays the serviceability of the game’s graphics.


Save your cash! Your pistol has unlimited ammo, so get by with it as long as you can before you spring for a sweet heat piece.


The original price for Zombie Invasion 2 HD was $3.99… pretty good price. Then, it got dropped down to a sale price of $1.99. Even better! Now, this game is $0.99, and for an iPad game, which usually run pricier than iPhone/iPod Touch apps, it is an absolute steal! You definitely won’t have buyer’s remorse if you buy Zombie Invasion 2 HD.

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