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Do you like solving mysteries and puzzles? If so, you may wish to step within the House of Glass by Namco Networks America Inc. An old English mansion holds many hidden secrets, and to uncover its mysteries you have to solve a series of puzzles by manipulating various gems you find. Each gem is shaped differently, and you can rotate them to suit your needs.

House of Glass for the iPad is a hidden objects game in which you’ll explore a house and its mysteries. As you proceed from area to area, you have to look out for items you can collect. Sometimes, to proceed, you’ll have to move and rotate 3D gemstones to fit them into a specified shape.

The game has easy gesture controls. To look at various areas within a room, you can swipe your finger either left or right. Tapping various items in the room may bring up some information that may provide clues to the various mysteries within the house. Occasionally, you may chance upon loose objects that you can pick up. Examples of objects include a key that will open a locked door, Fortuna Coins that provide hints to puzzles, and sparkling gemstones of various colors. In every 3D puzzle, you will be presented with a shape. The gemstones you have collected will be displayed to the right, and you have to drag one or more pieces out to try and fit them within the shape. You may rotate the gemstones or flip them around by sliding your finger inward from a red outer marker. Flipping a gemstone may change its shape. A diamond shape could become a triangle or square. You have to figure out how you can best utilize the various gemstones.

House of Glass has excellent graphics and a mysterious storyline that ties all the puzzles together. The addition of the 3D puzzles adds more depth to the hidden objects gameplay, giving you a good opportunity to exercise your spatial skills. The puzzle difficulty ramps up gradually, offering you a challenge without being unnecessarily difficult.

If a puzzle seems tough to solve, don’t give up. Just keep shifting the gemstones about, rotating and flipping them over one way, and then another. Eventually, everything may just “snap” together.

House of Glass is available for free download in the App Store. Should you like what you see in this trial version, you may obtain the full game through a $4.99 in-app purchase. If you enjoy hidden object games, you should by all means give this a try.

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  • SSrb1098

    Can someone who has completed this game help me. I’m stuck.

  • Please, someone help me D: I’m completely stuck! I have all seven crystals and the items I have are: the roman numeral tiles; a vase; something that is similar to the tablet that was found on the mosaic; and a knife D: I seriously don’t know what to do with the tiles or the mosaic piece. I try to fit the tiles in the number thingy that is in the astronomy hall, or fit the piece on the mosaic, but nothing works D: I feel like I wasted my 5 bucks so please someone help me D:!!

    Por favor, alguien ayúdeme D: Estoy completamente atascada! Tengo los siete cristales y los objetos que tengo son: Las piezas con números romanos; una vasija; un objeto similar al que cayó del mosaico; y un cuchillo D:En serio no sé que hacer con los números romanos o con la pieza del mosaico. Trato de encajar los números en el espacio con más números en la sala de astronomía, o trato de pegar la pieza de mosaico en el mosaico pero no pasa nada D: Siento que desperdicié mis 5 dólares así que por favor alguien ayúdeme D:!

    • Ntmare

      I have the same problem. Looks like a rip off. I have emailed the developer. We will see