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Zen! Review for iPad

Zen! Review for iPad

Want to turn your iPad into a wooden table-top marble madness game or a virtual board game made out of fancy wood and containing laser beams? Do you enjoy the Labyrinth series of games or logical games that test your hand-eye coordination? All these descriptions can be attributed to the latest marble-rolling game — Zen! by Marco Siino. It is an intriguing table-top ball rolling game where the objective is match color-coded balls to their destination holes. However, you will be putting multiple balls in their respective holes at once in many of the levels and even splitting balls into multiple parts simultaneously to complete the board. All this will also be done while avoiding various obstacles, like laser beams, as well as balancing the board to prevent balls from falling into the wrong holes. The game is very relaxing and soothing and you can really hear the marbles bounce off the wooden walls as if your iPad was really made out of wood.
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DooLabs launches Zen! for iPad - The game to relax your body and mind

DooLabs launches Zen! for iPad – The game to relax your body and mind

DooLabs today introduces Zen! 1.0, their new oriental-themed game for iPad. Zen! helps to relax your body and mind. The player has to tilt his device in order to move the colored balls and channel them into the holes with the same color, avoiding the obstacles. Calm and awareness in the movements are fundamental requirements. Zen! is based on an anti-stress logic, a simple and clean graphic design and a collection of relaxing music tracks that involves the player during the gaming experience.