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Ink Ball HD Review for iPad

Ink Ball HD Review for iPad

If you ever made a splotchy mess on paper while trying to write as a child, now is your time to make up for it without staining your hands. In Ink Ball HD by, you’ll try to collect dropping ink balls into a cup. Various obstacles will be in your way, but you’ll have two types of ink bars to help you guide the balls. Can you do so without losing too much ink?
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Electric Pocket's BugMe! Brings Sticky Ink Notes to the iPad

Electric Pocket’s BugMe! Brings Sticky Ink Notes to the iPad

UK based Electric Pocket Limited today released an iPad version of BugMe!, the popular “sticky note” note-taker application. The new iPad version of BugMe! builds on the success of the recently released iPhone version, and lets users take advantage of the iPad’s large screen to easily jot and organize handwritten yellow-sticky-style notes and memory joggers. BugMe!’s unique “Save to Home Screen” feature lets users save a copy of any note to the iPad’s app launcher screen.