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Isoball HD Review for iPad

Isoball HD Review for iPad

The App Store always surprises me with all the puzzle offerings available in so many different styles of play. But most of the titles have to be scaled up on the iPad without a proper HD version. Isoball HD by Zattikka is an isometric logic-puzzle game for the iPad based on three popular flash games. The game will have you guide a ball down a pathway into a hole through an obstacle course of your creation. Isoball can be described as being similar to Marble Madness except you have no direct control over the ball’s movement but allow it to roll on its own. I would say it shares similarities to the Sokoban style of puzzle games as well, especially Psychoban.
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Alone 1.6 for iOS - Classic Isometric Platformer, Room-Based Game

Alone 1.6 for iOS – Classic Isometric Platformer, Room-Based Game

ITL Games today announces Alone 1.6 for iOS, an update to their retro, isometric platformer game. Following a deadly chemical-warfare attack, the city is in ruins. The player must find a vaccine for himself and his girlfriend, while gathering survival gear and fighting off enemies. The update features improved performance, new controls, accelerometer and shake actions, and more fluid movement. The two-thumb GUI features touchscreen weapons, unlimited levels, and restart at the last level.