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Thom Hartmann 1.2 for iOS - America's #1 Progressive Talk Show Host

Thom Hartmann 1.2 for iOS – America’s #1 Progressive Talk Show Host

Rade | Eccles announces The Thom Hartmann Program 1.2 for iOS. Thom Hartmann is America’s #1 progressive talk show host as well as the star of the daily television show “The Big Picture”. The Thom Hartmann Program is the easiest way to stay up to date with Thom Hartmann on the go. Watch and listen to Thom’s live broadcasts, listen to podcasts of the show on demand, access video archives, and read Thom’s daily blog and newsletter to learn what you need to know.

Podotree Launches Talk Back Feature to 3D iOS Toy - Cube Dog

Podotree Launches Talk Back Feature to 3D iOS Toy – Cube Dog

Podotree today introduced a full talk back feature to Cube Dog, its interactive 3D toy for iPhone and iPod touch. Your fully-customized and fully-awesome Cube Dog has a voice. Speak to it to hear him repeat what you say in a unique voice all your own. The latest version of Cube Dog brings popular voice-based response and new interactive animations to the world’s most customizable smartphone toy.

Max and Molly - Talk like a Dog or Cat

Max and Molly – Talk like a Dog or Cat

UK based Mobobo today introduces Max and Molly 1.0, their new technically advanced voice analysis app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Using an advanced Voice Analysis Algorithm, Max and Molly actually translates the users voice into barking or meowing, depending on which character you’re trying to communicate with. You also have the ability to then turn the voice back to something more human should you want. Poke and stroke them on their head, chest, tummy, arms and legs and more.

Talk to the Dead? There's an App for That

Talk to the Dead? There’s an App for That

Excelltech’s Paranormal Recorder for iOS uses the raw magnetic data from the device’s digital compass to trigger audio recording, revolutionizing the hunt for ghostly communications. Paranormal Recorder only records audio when the electromagnetic fields around the device fall outside of normal limits. With version 3.11 of Paranormal Recorder these recordings can finally be shared and scrutinized by investigators and skeptics alike at the audio sharing site SoundCloud.