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Techno Kitten Adventure - Nyan Cat = <3

Techno Kitten Adventure – Nyan Cat = <3

Elite Gudz today announces Techno Kitten Adventure 1.2, its popular game for iOS. The Nyan Cat update is the first of many kitteh treats in July. Players will have a chance to compete in the presence of Techno Kitten himself at the San Diego Comic Con next week for the convention exclusive Techno Kitten Adventure mini-comic. The free update for iPod, iPhone and iPad includes Nyan Cat as a playable kitteh on the Dream Level along with new achievements and leaderboards.

Techno Kitten Adventure Gets Major Upgrades - Asks I Can Haz Mobile?

Techno Kitten Adventure Gets Major Upgrades – Asks I Can Haz Mobile?

Elite Gudz, creative leader in designing content for mobile, tablet and game consoles, has announced a major expansion of its Retro-Pop Techno Kitten Adventure game. Previously exclusive to the Xbox Indies marketplace, a platform showcasing games developed by independent boutique studios. Techno Kitten Adventure is a single-button game in which players pilot a jetpack-powered kitten through an obstacle-laden world of rainbows, stars and other sparkly distractions, all set to upbeat techno music.

DJ World Studio for iPad Review

DJ World Studio for iPad Review

For those DJs and music lovers out there looking to spice up your iPads with more than just an iPod iTunes music library and want to actually mix some songs together into something unique — be sure to check out DJ World Studio by Little World Studio. Although I am not too familiar with remixes and club DJing, I found myself really drawn to this app and enjoying the content I created. There are just so many options and ways to manipulate sounds with the app it’s pretty mesmerizing. It also taught me a lot about real DJing as the app is advertised for both beginners and pros. DJ World Studio is a great way to learn the trade digitally first and practice for seasoned DJ artists. The app also really shines in the sense how intuitive it is and how it takes advantage of almost all corners of the iPad’s touchscreen.
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