The Most Popular Entertainment Apps for Your IPad


iOS devices usually have the richest app ecosystem as compared to what other devices have. This means that with your iPad, you will have over 1 million applications to choose from. With the large numbers of apps in the Apple store, it’s easy for some apps to end up getting buried so that you cannot easily access them.

You will find it hard to turn your iPad into an entertainment hub if you don’t know the right apps to download. However, you can grab these popular entertainment apps and turn your iPad into your favorite entertainment device. Keep in mind that you should also setup VPN on iPad to ensure that it is secured from hackers.

  • Crackle. If you are a movie lover, then you will agree with me that Crackle is a godsend. Just like Netflix, Crackle is a movie streaming service where you can find and download hundreds of TV shows and films that are in demand. What makes this app to be popular is that it is free and requires no subscription fee, unlike Netflix.
  • TuneIn Radio. Although most phones and devices usually come with built-in FM radio, the iPad surprisingly doesn’t. However, this is not too much of a problem since you can download several digital radio apps. The best app among digital radio apps is TuneIn Radio. This is because this app has over 70,000 live radio stations that cover just about every music genre, as well as comedy, news, talk, and sports.
  • SoundCloud. If you are a diehard music fan, then you will love this app. This app will enable you to follow any of your favorite artists and listen to any new music that they post. You can also upload your own music if you are a musician.
  • Netflix. It is arguably the best video streaming service and the best part is that iOS app makes it even better. With this app, you can access thousands of TV programs and films. Netflix will set you free from being a slave to TV schedule since you can watch any film or series that you like anytime. There’s a monthly subscription fee.
  • IMBD. Sometimes you may want to make sure that before you watch a movie, you read its review to determine if it is worth watching. This is because life is too short to watch bad films. There is no better place to find out whether a movie is worth watching or not than at IMBD. This site will let you access all the reviews about any movie. You will also see all the cast and crew listing so that you can only watch a movie that features your favorite actors.